Escape Room Abruzzo is a race against the time: you have 60 minutes to escape. Do you believe you can beat the room?


To Search, to discover, to solve riddles, to decipher enigmas and to open locks are your tasks inside the escape room. You do not need any force but only intuition and skills.


You can play the game in a team of 2-5 members. The unity is your strength but it happens that to collaborate is not always easy… Your main common goal is to exit (leave) from the Escape Room in Abruzzo.


Relax and think! The solution could be anything: a password, a key or a mechanism that must be activated. Keep Calm and thinks.



1. What is Escape room?

Enigma Room is a real life game. You are locked in a room full of riddles and puzzles. Your goal is to find a way out less than in one hour.

2. What happens if you run out of time?

After 60 minutes the room is opened and the game is over. To find out how to complete the “mission” you will need to start from the beginning one more time!

3. How many people can participate?

Team of 2 – 5 members.

4. How old should the participants be?

They should be older than 15. Minors must play with an adult.

5. Are any special knowledge or skills required?

No, just pay attention to everything, be quick and collaborate with other team members.

6. What if I could not solve some enigmas?

If you are stuck you’ll receive a hint to continue the game.

7. How can I book?

Click on the type of a room you like, choose your preferred date and book. Unfortunately you can not be late: thus we ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the game.

8. How much does it costs?

The room has a fixed price of 60 Euros.

9. If we are six (or more) players can we still play?

No. The room is designed for groups of 2-5 people, so we suggest you to create two teams in order to enjoy the game.

10. Can I gift a game?

Sure! On our site you can buy a gift card. Please contact us for more details.

11. Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us.

The Rooms

They’ve just disappeared, quietly, without drawing any attention.
There were brief news in Newspapers, barely...

2 years have already passed since the monastery on the mountain stop giving news. Many letters were sent with no response. Only silence...

stanza save the president enigmaroom

It seemed a day like many others ... then there were a roar and several bursts of gunfire. Armed men have started to invade the city targeting......

It is strictly necessary to arrive 15 minutes prior for the training.



We were among the firstStefano, Marco e Anya to have tested the Escape Rooms abroad. We have tried them many times and in different countries. In short, we are the first who really enjoy this game. That is why we decided to bring this new form of entertainment in Milan and in Abruzzo because, as we noticed, escape rooms are suitable for anyone who wants to have a good time and is looking for something new. At the same time it offers good opportunities to use the mind: it is a kind of treasure hunt for adults where you have to open locks, to solve puzzles and to discover secret passages.

THAT’S NOT ALL: also it allows you to share thoughts with other people and try strong emotions if it was possible to succeed in the game. Moreover, each room is unique, with its own special design and various games that provide new challenges. That’s why we always aim to create something truly innovative. Therefore, if you have any good ideas or want suggest us something, do not hesitate to contact us.

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